SEO-Managed Website Migration

In order to do this, Searchography will develop and manage a plan to minimize traffic and ranking loss during the migration from the current site to a newer one. It should be noted that all website migrations result in some traffic loss, but it has been Searchography’s experience that by following plans similar to this, traffic loss is usually less than 10 percent. Failure to follow such procedures can result in 60 to 70 percent traffic loss.

SEO strategist will work with the development team during development of the new site and the migration to make sure key SEO elements are transferred to the new site, and perform post-migration checks to make sure the new site has been set up for minimal traffic loss. For a more detailed and technical description of this process, please click here.

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The migration will include, but not be limited to these processes:

  1. Identify and rank the most critical URLs based on:
    • Google analytics traffic
    • External backlinks
    • Keyword rankings
  2. Compile a ranked, universal list of all URLs
  3. Map old URLs to new URLs with 301 redirects
  4. Identify and document metadata for all pages and mimic to related pages on the new site
  5. Install WordPress plugin for easy 301 redirects
  6. Create 301 redirects on new site
  7. Transfer Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to new site for uninterrupted recording of website metrics.
  8. Transfer Bing Webmaster Tools
  9. Crawl old site and dev site before migration to look for problems/issues
  10. Crawl new site after migration and compare to old site to look for SEO problems or issues.